This blog is a work in progress. When I’m not busy earning a living, and just trying to keep up with life in my small town on the west coast of Canada, I like to travel all over this big wide world, because there is so much of it – both near-by and far away – to see and learn about!

I like exploring both alone and with my husband and two teenage girls. Whilst travelling, I like to write and I like to take pictures. My family is a bit baffled by the former, but fortunately has learned to be patient with the latter – probably because it’s easier to see the results.

Another thing I like to do is learn. Learning to make a blog is my latest project – hence the “work in progress” idea. At the moment I’m feeling rather clumsy with the process, but like most things, I imagine practise will ease my comfort level with it. Be warned, the theme and format of this blog will probably change over the months!

I’ve started this blog as a kind of scrap book or journal in which to record our observations, impressions, and things I’ve learned and wondered about during our travels.

Later this month, we will take our first trip to Africa and the Kingdom of Morocco. It should be an adventure. You’re welcome to join our family through this blog!

– Jane


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