Doors into Morocco

Glorious or humble, shiny and polished or weathered and worn, doors are everywhere in Morocco.

Although they exist to block out light and noise, crowds and unwanted visitors, they’re also inviting. Beautiful and enticing, they evoke curiosity and wonder. Who made them? What’s behind them?


door-DSCN1790 - Version 2


Most are made by men, not machines. While some doors are simple and plain, a lot of them seem to me to be works of art, demonstrating the taste and design preferences of the maker (or the owner). Many display the bold geometric or whimsical motifs that are repeated all over the country – on more doors, in tiled mosaics, or in carpets.

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Often painted with sunny and cheerful colours, they seem to radiate the same friendliness as the people of this sun-soaked country.

Some are massive enough for the entry of an entourage; others are sized only for a sheep or a goat. Sometimes, these doors are enticingly left ajar, allowing the passerby just a glimpse of colourful tile or peeling paint. Often, a long iron shot-bolt bars them from the busy street.

What hides behind them? Often, a cool, dark passage, frequently, a windowless shop, or perhaps even a leafy courtyard and bubbling fountain. A mystery unanswered.

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to peek inside or even enter to a warm welcome. Usually though, I just take a quick picture, and feel fortunate enough to see such a lovely work made by human hands.


4 comments on “Doors into Morocco

  1. I like how you’re using themes to group your photos. Morocco is so complex that it’s difficult to capture. This is a great approach.
    The doors really are fantastic there, aren’t they?
    I hope you have more posts coming.


    • Okay, that’s a good gentle nudge that I need. Yes, I do have more posts coming. Life seems to have gotten quite busy of late, and of course you can appreciate the demands of the garden these days. I keep thinking that I’ll wait for a rainy day to get back to my blog…


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